Natural Gas Vehicles

Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV)
Basic Information


…look like any other vehicle.
…NGVs operate on natural gas.

NGVs typically use one of two
varieties of natural gas:

 CNG: Compressed Natural Gas
 LNG: Liquefied Natural Gas


NGVs can be:

-run exclusively on natural gas


-run on either natural gas or gasoline.


-run on natural gas and use diesel for ignition. (Heavy-duty applications)



  Nearly 15 million NGVs are in use around the world!

 About 120,000 NGVs are on U.S. roads today!

Benefits & Cost Savings of Natural Gas Vehicles


Price:Natural gas costs are about 40-50% less than that of gasoline or diesel fuel; this results in quicker cost recovery and future cost savings.


Clean:Carbon monoxide emissions are reduced 70-90%. Carbon Dioxide emissions are reduced by 20-30%.


Quiet:NGVs operate at an 80-90% lower decibel level than diesel-fueled vehicles.


Safe:NGVs meet the same safety and fire standards as gasoline and diesel powered vehicles.


How Can I Get A Natural Gas Vehicle?


Average increased cost for a Natural Gas Vehicle (CNG):

$8,000-$12,000* (passenger/light-duty)



 Conversion kits are available for select models of vehicles–new & used.


 QSR (Qualified System Retrofitters)
Conversions must be performed by qualified system retrofitters.


Direct from OEM:
(Original Equipment Manufacturer)

A new vehicle either bi-fuel (CNG & gasoline) or dedicated CNG

Advantage to buying new–cost of conversion kit is financed in the price.

Some Vehicle Manufacturers already offering Natural Gas models:

HondaCivic Natural Gas
ChevySilverado 2500
DodgeRam 2500 CNG
FordF250 Pickups

More Options Available & More to Come!

* = prices vary by tank size, options, etc.

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